Why I started…

I like to talk. A lot. I am the loud friend. My train of thought usually runs as fast as the Capitol Train in Hunger Games. And it often jumps tracks and derails. Thoughts are always running through my mind and sometimes I have sense enough to stop them and sometimes they come barreling out. Sometimes they are wise and insightful but most of the time not. While this is one of my defining characteristics, it isn’t one I am always proud of. Sometimes I leave thinking, “I just need to shut up!” and I will beat myself up about it.
So as my prayer life increased and I grew closer to God, I began to pray about this motor mouth of mine. For awhile, I would enter a situation thinking “okay you have a word limit! Only speak when God is leading” and that usually lasted about 5 minutes and I would leave feeling defeated all over again. So finally, I changed my prayer. “God, you made me this way! You gave me all these words and thoughts. Why? What do you want me to do? How can I use my motor mouth to serve you?” I was really just praying out of frustration more than anything
But, the Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive.” I asked – even if it was out of frustration – and he answered. “Use your words for me,” He said. “Take control of the words. Put them out there first before they have the opportunity to control you.” So through more guidance from God, that is what I did. I began thinking and listening to the Holy Spirit and He guided me. A blog is something I had often thought about, but mainly because I loved words. I didn’t really have a purpose or direction.
But now, I knew I wanted Abiding to be my main focus and theme. I listened to a message by Charles Stanley that really hit home with me, so I knew abiding should be my focus. As I thought and prayed, the name Everyday Abiding literally just popped into my head. I googled it to ensure it wasn’t already in use – that was the official way to handle that, right?!? – and when I saw that it wasn’t, it became mine. I started with a simple Instagram account – a blog just seemed too overwhelming at the time – and I later began sharing it on Facebook and when I felt like I was ready to branch out even more, I started planning this blog. I know I still have a lot to learn and if I think about it too hard, I get overwhelmed all over again. But, here we are. I hope you enjoy.