The First Step

So maybe you can relate to my story of imperfection or maybe you have a story totally different from mine, but either way, you feel lost. You feel like there has got to be something better to this life we are living. Even though I was saved at a young age, there were many times I just knew there had to be more than what I was getting. And there is. Part of my problem was that I was looking in all the wrong places for satisfaction and fulfillment. There is only one place where you can truly find ultimate satisfaction and that is through a relationship with Christ Jesus. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Entering into a relationship with Christ doesn’t just get you a ticket to the everlasting life of heaven, but it gives you life while you are here on earth. A relationship with Christ allows you to live a full life of purpose and direction. So if you are tired of feeling dead, imperfect, or incomplete, and you are ready to enter into a relationship with Him, it’s really easy. You can do it all by yourself. You don’t have to email me for a starter kit or send in $19.95 to get the complete instructions. No, you just have to say a simple pray. Pray something like this:

Dear God,
I am a sinner. I am lost without you.
I have tried so hard to do it by myself, but I fail time and time again.
Please, come live in my heart. Fill my empty spaces and cleanse me of my sin.
Give me reason and purpose to live for you and through you.

Hopefully that feels better already and you feel a huge release as you enter into this next stage of life. But it doesn’t stop here. Don’t do what I did and stay a baby Christian for way too long (Hebrews 5:13). No, start growing and start growing now. You can do that by first finding a Bible and begin reading it. Find a good translation that you can relate too. I like New International Version, English Standard Version, or the Message. (There are great Bible apps and you can even do a lot of online reading if that is helpful) Study the scripture and God will grow you (Romans 10:17).
Also, begin a consistent prayer routine (1 John 5:14). Find a time during your day to dedicate to prayer and start praying. It doesn’t have to be an hour’s worth of time. No, start small. Start with a minute or two and let it grow from there. It will, don’t worry about that. If you are someone who would enjoy journaling, well I would suggest journaling your prayers. There are all kinds of ideas on Pinterest for prayer notebooks. That’s where I got my ideas from and my prayer life really did start to grow as I made a commitment to write more of them down.
And probably the most important thing you need to do now that you enter into a relationship with Christ is find a community of believers that will encourage you in this new stage of life. It can be a church or a small group, it doesn’t matter. You can find whatever fits you and your style best, but find a group. It is hard to grow in Christ as a one woman show. You need relationships with other Christians in order to grow (Matthew 18:20).
If you still have questions or you still feel totally lost, send me an email. I will help and direct you in any way I can.