It’s a State of Mind…

I want you to stop and imagine something with me.  Imagine that feeling you get during corporate worship.  You are in church.  The music is amazing.   The choir is singing your favorite song, the one that gets you every time.  The energy inside of you is bubbling up.  You feel wave upon wave of gratitude … Continue reading It’s a State of Mind…

The Reason… For the Season??

I love Google… one of those modern conveniences spoiling our poor children - like the microwave was for us.  Anyway, in preparation for this blog post I decided to google “Why do we celebrate Christmas?” just to see what I would find.  I had my answer, but I was curious to see what was out … Continue reading The Reason… For the Season??

It’s Time to get UN-comfortable.

At the end of a long day of teaching, my feet hurt, my body aches in places it probably shouldn’t at my age (because I am still SO young), and my voice is usually a little strained.  And I am dealing with all this while still maintaining my professional look.  When I get home, I … Continue reading It’s Time to get UN-comfortable.

Dear Faithful Readers…

Dear Faithful Readers, I know many of you have come today to read this week’s blog post and I am so thankful you came.  And I even have a post that is nearly finished.  I could have finished it and had it ready for today, but it just didn’t feel right.  These last two weeks … Continue reading Dear Faithful Readers…

Old Testament Encouragement for Teachers

Since last week I spoke about the power of a testimony, let me start with a testimony on how God worked with me.  It was Monday and I had just posted the week’s post.  I went into my prayer time and one of the focuses of my prayer was next week’s blog.  I had a … Continue reading Old Testament Encouragement for Teachers

A Diet of Meat and Bread

Food.  We have a love-hate relationship with it here in first-world America.  Oh, how we love it, but oh, how we talk about how bad it can be.  We put so many labels on food that the labels have labels but that “garbage” still sells out.  Restaurants are always busy because we love to eat, … Continue reading A Diet of Meat and Bread

Parenting from the Vine

As I have grown in my relationship with Christ, He will focus me on areas of my life that need some spiritual attention.  That spiritual attention is where most of my blog post come from.  They come not from my expertise in the area, but my need for growth.  Think of it like having the … Continue reading Parenting from the Vine

What’s your fight song?

The running app I use has a setting for power songs.  It is designed so that when you start feeling tired, or when you are at the end and start slowing down, or just anytime you need a boost of motivation, you can hit the power songs icon and your pre-selected power songs will play. … Continue reading What’s your fight song?