I am a preacher’s daughter but no, I was not the rebellious kind. I have always been a pleaser, so I usually behaved. Around the time I was nine or ten, during a revival, I felt the Lord speaking to me. In my youth though, I was too scared and still a little too confused to make a decision. later that year in the much safer environment of VBS I fel the call again, so then I surrendered my life to Christ.
It was not the light switch moment many describe. I did not feel my life instantly changed. I lived with a preacher, mind you, so even though I recognized I was a sinner, I didn’t recognize any huge sin I needed to eliminate from my life – not as a nine year old anyway.
I very much went through the motions of a Christian. Oh, I know I was saved but I stayed a baby believer for a long time. I was not actively building a relationship with Christ. I behaved in high school because I did not want to disappoint my parents, not because I wanted to please God.
I did not start developing my relationship with Christ until I went to college. I became involved in a campus ministry and I met so many Christian teenages who were so much further in their walk than me, but I was the preacher’s daughter?!? How had I missed that?!?
I believe each stage of my life – marriage, career, children – brought me farther in my Christian walk, each stage grew me. I learned more about Him in each stage.
It was not until several years ago did I realize the sin that was plaguing pretty much every area of my life. Worry! Comparison! Expectations! All of these were stealing my joy in so many ways. God led me to a book that began to change my way of thinking. He used that book to reveal problems in my life that I didn’t know existed. He really used this book to make the turn around in my life.
Without knowing it then, this book was beginning to show me the importance of abiding in Christ. I gradually began to eliminate sinful influences in my life – music, TV, books, whatever, – and it was not until a little over two years ago I committed to reading the Word daily. And only about six months ago did I commit to a daily prayer time.
I can see God growing me. I can see my branch growing and hopefully bearing fruit because I am more in tune with the vine. Because I am learning to abide more in him. I am excited about the growth and the ways Jesus is going to use me. I hope you enjoy at least one of those ways through this blog.