Prepare through Prayer: 30 Days of Prayer for Teachers

I sometimes wonder about Jesus while He was here on earth. Could He remember heaven while he was down here?  And if so, was He thinking I left heaven for this?!? Sure, He was God, but He was also human and I know that is what I would be thinking. 

Since Jesus was a perfect human – and I am not – I realize He probably focused more on His purpose here on earth and less on the state of us rotten humans.  If anything, the state of the world may have even motivated Him.

I do know one thing.  While He was here on earth, He talked to God – A LOT.  Scripture mentions it numerous times.

In Mark 1, the scripture says, Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. I love the example here.  He got up early in the morning – like at the beginning of the day before anything else got started.  He went off to a solitary place – like by himself, with no one else around. And he prayed.

Then in Luke 6 we learn, …Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.  ALL NIGHT! I know you may have done that a time or two – maybe even unintentionally – and only when life was really bad. But again, Jesus had a purpose here on earth, a difficult purpose, and He wanted to be prepared.

And the verse in Luke 5 sums it up.  It says, But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Often.  He went often and prayed.  Could your friends and family say that about you?  Oh, where is (your name here)?  They must be off praying. Yeah, I know.  That is not what my family would say about me either, but what an awesome example Jesus left for us!

We said this earlier.  Jesus had a very specific purpose for coming to this earth.  He knew what He was here to do and He also knew what a struggle it would to complete His purpose. So He prepared and He prepared through prayer.

Again – what an example left for us.  We all have a purpose here on earth. Every believer should be winning lost souls for Jesus, but even with that, individually we have a more specific purpose. And if you are a believer and you are a teacher – that is your purpose – not your job.  Teaching is a spiritual gift and we have been blessed enough to make a career out of using our spiritual gift. I think even as I type this, I am realizing what a blessing that is…

No, many times teaching does not feel like a blessing, but I bet Jesus didn’t think dying on the cross was a blessing for Him either.  Which is why He prayed and He prayed A LOT.

Now, we have no idea what Jesus was praying about most of the time (oh, what we would gain from hearing those conversations) but, it doesn’t matter.  He stayed close to God. He built and grew His relationship with God. And we should be doing the same – especially as teachers, knowing the challenges we will face.

30 Days of Prayer for Teachers

Because of our constant need for prayer, I have created a prayer calendar for teachers.  It is a 30 day calendar, including scripture and a topic to pray over for each day. I encourage you to begin praying 30 days before you school year starts.  For my peeps, that’s next week…

Listen, I would go so far as to say that I had my worst year out of 12 this past school year.  Many, many things contributed to those rocky 180 days, but one of the most influential contributions was my shallow prayer life.  I know if I want to see changes, then I need deeper, more consistent, faith-filled prayer. And I will venture to guess I am not the only one.   

So let’s start this school year following Jesus’s example.  Let’s start this year saturating our teaching with prayer. Use this guide or don’t.  It doesn’t matter. Just get out and pray and let God show us the difference it will make.

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