I am not good enough, but…

I am not good enough, and well...neither are you.  Frankly our lack of ability in pretty much everything is like the elephant in the room.  It is the truth we all know is there, but don’t want to admit.  Well, let me take that back.  Maybe we don’t all know it is there.  Many of … Continue reading I am not good enough, but…

Blessings from the Storm

Here I am sitting at my breakfast table, lit only by the few sun rays that are breaking through the storm clouds, looking at my back yard.  Its lined with some hardwoods that seem more flexible than a gold medal gymnast right now. As the wind whistles and howls, the trees bend and sway and … Continue reading Blessings from the Storm

Where have you fixed your eyes?

Where have you fixed your eyes? Have you ever really thought about it?  Probably not, or you may think that your eyes are not necessarily fixed on anything but that you focus on whatever has priority at the time.  I beg to differ.  I think our eyes are always fixed on something and everything else … Continue reading Where have you fixed your eyes?

Growing from the True Vine

Today marks the one year anniversary of Everyday Abiding.  One year ago today, God pushed me to begin an Instagram account, which I later began sharing on Facebook, which turned into a blog, and I can only dream of what is to come.  He has led me every step of the way, even when my … Continue reading Growing from the True Vine