He is God and We are Not.

He is God and We are Not.

In Sunday School, we discussed Andrew and Simon Peter being called as disciples.  Andrew immediately went and told Peter about Jesus.  As I was sitting there, I thought, “Wow! Jesus knew that would start the chain reaction he needed.  He had faith Andrew would do the right thing.” And so that thought kept swimming in [...]

Be Still

See if this day sounds familiar... Up at 4:15. Shower. Coffee. Quiet time and prayer but must be done by 5:15. Makeup. Hair. Clothes. In the kitchen by 5:45. Lunches. Kids’ Clothes. Husband’s coffee. Wake the kids. Dress Kids. Out the door by 6:20 with breakfast in hand (mine and the kids’). Drop one kid [...]

Not Your First Love, But Your True Love

In my last post, I explained the fact that Satan has some really great qualities, qualities we have probably all looked for in a mate, but these are surface level qualities that Satan is using to get the upper hand. And let’s face it, many times he has gotten the upper hand. Maybe because we [...]